I am very excited to be playing another ancient Roman character this year after the legionnaire Lucious Ben Hur. This time the role is much bigger – the ambitious Tribune Plebis Marcus – right hand of Caius Vitilius, Praetor of Hispania in one of the stand-alone episodes - Viriathus - leader of the Lusitanians.
Of course the whole show is shot in the European Hollywood – Bulgaria. Shooting in Bulgaria is always a pleasure with professional crews, cast, a bouquet of breathtaking locations, logistics, and the amazing Nu Boyana Film Studios that is one of the only studios in the world that has standing sets all year round! Take a tour! 
Check out my interview about it for STANDARD paper HERE.
Barbarians Rising will have a big international summer TV release in 2016 and it’s a docu-action/drama similar to the Vikings. Directed by Declan O’Dwyer (Atlantis, Merlin).