FLACK S01E06 - Juan

Flack is hit comedy series starring Anna Paquin and Sophie Okonedo.

Julian Kostov Demo Reel 2019

 Clips from The Conversation, Berlin Station, Barbarians Rising, Another Mother's Son, Leatherface

Julian Kostov Action Reel 2019

Clips from the Award-Winning The Conversation, Berlin Station S03, Barbarians Rising, Young Rambo: Search and Destroy. 

The Conversation - Award-Winning Performance as Sam Quentin

The Conversation won more than 40 awards on every continent. Julian Kostov won Best Actor at Lucky Strike Film Festival, LA and LA Live Film Festival and was nominated Male Action Performer of the Year and Rising Action Star - Male at the biggest action film festival - Action on Film International Film Festival, USA, 2018.

BERLIN STATION S03E7 - Sergei Basarov

Sergei Basarov is a fictional character on the hit spy series Berlin Station. He was a Spetsnaz sniper serving in Syria, now a mercenary, who, using hybrid warfare singlehandedly creates an ethnic war in Estonia. Speaking Russian and English with a Russian accent.

Another Mother's Son - BAFTA Longlist performance - Fyodor 'Bill' Buryi

"The performances are generally impressive, (...) while Kostov, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a young De Niro in this film – has a brooding, internalised quality about him."

The Daily Mail
"But if the film belongs to anyone other than Seagrove, it is Bulgarian actor Julian Kostov. He is tremendously affecting in the part of the terrified, emaciated escapee, whose complicated Russian name is conveniently anglicised, in one of the film’s more light-hearted moments, to Bill."

Beside Magazine
"Julian Kostov as Bill is also incredible in his portrayal of a sensitive artist whose life has been inevitably changed by the war."